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Featured Photographer - Ben Aboody

Whether it be photographs of the shore break or a mother of a storm creeping up from the south, if you live around Lennox Head, you will undoubtedly see Ben Aboody out and about with his camera gear.

Ben was born in Lismore and grew up in Lennox Head. Ben’s passion for the sea and his home town is easy to see as it is captured in many of the photos he takes. As he grew up, his parents supported his photography and built him his darkroom in their home that he used to develop black and white imagery.

Life got in the way, and Ben put his camera down for several years. With his partner Tess, they are raising their two boys Vader and Maximus close to the beach in Lennox, and it was when he had children that Ben bought some new gear to photograph them. That rapidly progressed back to his love of landscapes, seascapes, and Astro and aerial photography.

Ben is our feature photographer for July.

Be sure to follow his work at: Website: www.benaboodyphotography.com.au

Instagram: @benaboodyphotography

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/BenAboodyPhotography

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