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Featured Photographer - Jack Marr

Jack Marr is an 18-year-old multi-award-winning nature and landscape photographer, based in the Northern Rivers of NSW, Australia.

Growing up in a small rural town near Byron Bay, the ownership of an early model iPod Touch with a backyard is what ultimately sparked his passion for capturing the apparent as unique. Entirely self-taught, Jack's hobby transformed into a business when he held his first public exhibition at the age of 14yrs. He became the youngest and one of the best-selling artists to exhibit at his local gallery. His work has been displayed in various locations, from the prestigious Juniper Hall and the Paddington Reservoir Gardens in Paddington, Sydney, too many homes around Australia and the world.

The love of photography for Jack has been obtained by exploring and expressing his creativity, having the power to freeze a moment in time, and seeing other people enjoy his work.

While he completes his Structural Engineering Degree over the next few years, he plans to document his local, national, and international travels through his creation of abstract images.

"My favourite type of photography is landscape and nature photography, photographing places I go and memories made in these locations.

In the future, I plan to expand into both aerial and marine photography more than I have previously. With international travel removed from the near future, I plan to travel throughout Australia in the next few years to document our beautiful country.

Some may think that I use costly camera equipment though I have shot all my images on a Nikon d5300 and a Sony a6000, showing that you can shoot quite amazing photos on affordable "beginner" classed cameras."

Instagram: @j.mphotog

Email: jackmarrphotography@gmail.com

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