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Help NORPA bring our history and stories to life

Updated: Jun 25

The latest NORPA work Flow, is written and performed by local artist Mitch King – Flow is a piece about the connections we have with water and the relationships we’ve had with this element throughout history, from our ancestors to the present. Exploring the universal theme of ‘water’ it represents the tribes from the Bundjalung nation and Yaegl country respecting the stories that make us who we are, not only from the land but also the rivers, lakes, waterfalls and the ocean. Flowing through the country like the streams creating connections to the places we call home, family and community. These stories like the Dharagun and The Mighty Clarence River not only associate with the waters but also tell of how they were created, shaped and how it cuts through the land and end out to sea.

Mitch King is a Yaegl Bundjalung man from the Far North Coast region of NSW. He is a creative producer specialising in hip hop music and dance and has been working at NORPA as an Associate Producer and Associate Artist since 2014. He is one part of local hip hop group Teddy Lewis King and teaches dance with young people around the region. He has a background in youth work, collaborating with young people on community events and programs. Mitch combines his passion for hip-hop dance and music with theatre, movement and creative writing to connect with people who want to engage with the performing arts. As a workshop leader he develops people’s unique movement and voice within the rhythm and aesthetic of hip hop.

Original works, like Flow, can take two years to develop. These projects are made possible thanks to the supporters of NORPA.

Help NORPA bring our history and stories to life.

You can be part of creating original works that connect us to the history and stories of our region by making a tax-deductible donation to the NORPA Foundation before June 30.

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