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The Show With Tex Perkins

Updated: Jun 25

The SHOW is a series of filmed musical performances with a bar, casual verbal intercourse, lights, cameras and not one but 2 smoke machines!

No need to line up for drinks, no need to worry about the people in front of you talking about the weekend footy scores while you are trying to listen. Just log in, turn the amplifier up, grab a drink of choice, kick your shoes off, put your feet up and let Tex Perkins and his friends entertain you. Filmed in the warm rustic shed on the Perkin’s family property in Northern NSW, The Show is an intimate, rowdy evening of music with a new special guest each week, sometimes a familiar face, others a new discovery. This week's show will feature the multi-faceted talents of Byron local Christian Pyle. Chris is a producer (William Creighton, Headland, Acre and more), artist, multi-instrumentalist and composer. He has guested with acts like Glory B, The Tendons, The Sixth Floor, The Re-Mains and Mechanical Egg with Lenny Bastiaans & Loius Biddett.

“Well, we’re still here. Still out here in the sticks. Still isolated. Still Kickin’ and still makin’ it up as we go along! What began as a last resort The Show has turned into yet another thrilling creative adventure for me. Despite the grim reasons for its creation, I’ve really enjoyed not only filming and recording my music with various special guest musicians, but also having the opportunity to showcase their talents to a wider audience. I’ve also loved seeing my close friends, neighbours and family transform themselves into a multi-faceted creative unit. I ain’t doing this alone, believe me. I Really hope you can join us on Sunday which features lots of smoke and reverb, my newly developed hand puppet performance, 2 dogs, an open fireplace and my special guest Christian Pyle. It’s both Epic and intimate. See ya soon!” Tex Perkins Tickets on sale now from Oztix - The SHOW must go on. A link to the stream of The SHOW will be emailed to all Ticket holders before the show starts. Your link will allow you to watch the show anytime. PLEASE NOTE: Tickets for the SHOW will still be available for 48 hours after the premiere of the SHOW.

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